Top Red Flags in Online Business and Work From Home

Everybody has a dream to have a business that can give him a huge amount of money without doing any effort or spending any money. This is an illusion. There is nothing like that. Work from home and online business is not an exception. They need a lot of experience and knowledge in online marketing to make a real profitable online business. In fact, the illusion that many have about online business as a passive source of income and does not need any effort makes them become victims to scams of fraud companies. They lose their money and efforts in fraud online businesses without getting anything. After this loss, they recognize that it was a scam.People who look for online business and ‘work from home’ jobs are either low income who wish to increase their income; or unemployed who think that online business or work from home will be a good source of income. I know some people who really became rich from engaging in online business. Remember Facebook, twitters, digg or PayPal are only successful websites. However, I know more people who lost their money trying to establish their online business.I cannot assume that in this short article I can tell you everything on scams in online business and work from home because every few days we have many of these websites and each one has its way to scam people. But I can share with you famous examples of such scams:- Craft assembly: Those scam companies promise to pay you to assemble some toys and other things. They ask you to buy their kits and then whatever you do will never reach their standards or specifications. Clear scam!- Ideas and inventors support: Those claim that they help you to invest your good ideas and help you reach famous companies and get huge profit from that. You only need to pay the processing fees which you will never see it again. Another scam!- Envelop stuffing: You only need to pay some fees so they start to send you companies envelops for you to stuff them. Bye fees.- Data entry: Pay fees so that they will start to send you some forms to enter data there. Bye fees it is a scam.- Typing from home: Pay fees to receive their printing kits. When you receive their kit, they will ask you to print ads and send copies of these kits to people you know. Congratulations! Now you have become a scammer and lost your fees.- Medical billing:pay fees to buy their billing software. They promise you they will send you some billing business from clinics and hospitals. Bye fees you are in a scam.- Multilevel Marketing (MLM): pay fees to participate in a selling pyramid. You buy a product from previous participants to sell it to people who come after you. This will not lead to lose your fees only but you may end up in a fraud case.- Emails business: pay fees to establish email business by processing and sending some e mails for some companies. Bye fees also.- Call phone number for more information: this is a paid number and they will get benefit from these call.- Free offers to get your personal information: very attractive free offers, only you need to enter your personal information and they will sell these information. Be careful it is a scam.- Online casino: they give you free trials to play with their money and some explain to you some ‘scientific’ way to get a profit depending on probability theory. All of this is just to put your money which you will never see it again.- Investment fraud: they promise with a guarantee profit if you invest with them or buy their magic sofwares (like forex robot). Real companies warn you in advance about the risk associated with any investment.It is clear from examples above that the online business and work from home are not easy way to get money as many people think. You need to do a lot of online search, check reviews and ask expert people before you decide to start any online business if you like to be away from scams and fraud websites.I lost a lot of money and efforts with such fraud sites without achieving any profit.Finally I found some of good websites that help me a lot to start my online business. You can find some of them in the link below and try them to start your own online business:

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